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Dongguan City, bright eyes lighting Technology Co., Ltd.Founded in 2009, is a collection of product research and development, production and sales of a variety of LED lighting accessories products. Our factory has more than 3,000 square meters of factory and 6 production lines and equipment, earlier scale production of LED lamp manufacturers, LED lamp the cleansing light transmission rate of production is in the leading position in the country, ......【Learn more about】

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1.High transmittance: transparent cover more than 94%, the conventional expansion mask 85 to 88%, the hood stripes: 92%, pure expansion mask: 70% 鸿运彩票登录鸿运彩票登录;
2. Anti-UV (UV protection), prolonged use easy to turn yellow burst;
3.High weather resistance: can withstand low temperatures of-30oC to 130oC high temperature, and resistance;
4.Flexible performance: strong impact resistance, not easily deformed ;
5.Materials, environmental protection: can provide SGS test report (ROSH) UL yellow card;
6.Appearance: finish, no black spots, wireless bar, waterlines, the pass rate of more than 95%;
7.Material protection: Teijin imported PC material, transparent (1250Z), diffusion (1105);
8.Packaging: production that is affixed to the protective film, effectively prevent surface scratches鸿运彩票登录;
9.Fire rating: UL-94-V2 (can be customized according to customer requirements of UL-94-V-0 level) 鸿运彩票登录;
10.Style diversification, with more than 300 different specifications of products。
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     The Company Lamp Accessories now discount sale by its owner, is launching a variety of integration Lamp shell, the oval aluminum plastic tube, Horizontal Plug lights interpolation aluminum strip color tube, and supporting a variety of rotating lamp, built-in power supply plusthe long lamp lock screw caps. Product quality and low price, welcome to contact us to buy!
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